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I am working on a book worth reading, but all I have right now is a few a megabytes of experimental fiction, once available on the Internet, now hopefully out of sight.  If you stumble upon it, please spare yourself the agony.

Decades ago, long before the topic became popular, I worked through several contributions to the then non-existent field of social technology, all of which still have relevance today.  At the time, several different individuals complained that they found my prose impenetrable and  challenged me to express my ideas in fiction instead.

Doing so may not have helped explain things to others, but it has had an enormous impact on my thinking.  I highly recommend that people struggling with difficult concepts try to express them in fiction.  This website is not here to encourage people to read the books, it is for discussions of them, especially to state what I learned by writing them.

I am currently writing some new books, which have provided me with shockingly new insights.  I am still working through the consequences of these epiphanies.

The books  I wrote were not sent to publishers but made available on the net and may still be floating around out there somewhere.  If you find one,  do not read it.  They are full of mistaken ideas.

The books have a personal hold on me, perhaps because so much of myself went into them, perhaps because they got a few things almost right.

The one think that would have helped the books out would have been controversy and conflict among the characters.  My current views on social technology oppose many expressed by people in the books.  Precisely what the books needed were characters to express views like those I have now, creating the necessary conflicts.

So there is my writing project for the future: to take my existing work and add something to counterbalance the overly uniform views presented there.

So, what did I write?

The first of the books was The Green Family Chronicles, about the huge family created by Ken Green, on the left image below, a rich man who wanted many children and persuaded many women to help.  The books is mostly about those children and their children, who were all happily monogamous, thanks to social technology developed by family members.

Green Family Corporation

The key figure who developed most of that technology was Beth Green, shown in the middle inset picture in the image above. When the website was put up there was no realworld Green Family Corporation, and there doesn’t seem to be one today.  If you create one, legally, then this book is not about it.  Various discussions of Ken and Beth’s technology will be hosted on the website for the fictional corporation.  You can reach that by clicking on the above image.

There were three things wrong with The Green Family Chronicles:

  • The questionable morality of a man having so many different women made the book objectionable to to some people, even though he treated every one of them kindly.
  • The book depends on Ken Green’s enormous wealth.
  • The social technology was promoted, but not adequately explained.

My second book, Technological Fantasies, aimed to rectify all of these problems.

  • Each of the lead characters lead less objectionable lives, and soon settle down into happy marriages.
  • The people in the book and the organization they create are not wealthy.
  • Much more about the underlying social technology is explained.

In many ways, Technological Fantasies was a much better book than the Green Family Chronicles, but it drifts off into absurdity in the last half or so.  This was almost the opposite of the Green Family Chronicles, which was less acceptable in the beginning. Both contained a great deal of good old fashioned story telling, and were entertaining despite their many problems.  However, both were large, unpublishable, and hard to accept.

I sought to find something better in a third book, Harmony and Matching, to which I added a sequel, The Matches and The World. They were shorter and easier to get in to, with some good storytelling, but had their absurdities, and while quite entertaining, were no better than their predecessors.

Harmony and Matching Novel

It soon became clear to me that all of these novels could be set in the same world without contradiction.  I took the dubious step of combining them, producing a huge compilation novel which doesn’t even have a good name, but which was called Social Techs and has since with many improvements become Society Changed.  I did this because I liked the individual books, the writing of which had taught me many things.  Somewhere I should try to explain what I learned from writing them.  This website will include such explanations.

The first version of Society Changed had all of the entertaining storytelling of the individual books making it up, while some of the absurdities cancelled out.  Unfortunately, only some of them did so, and the result was very unsatisfactory. The latest revision is not too bad, and will probably endure for a while.  The book is so large that it will take a long time to go through it again. be just as large, but much better.

After putting together the novel which eventually became Society Changed, I stopped writing for a while.  What was the point in producing large unpublishable books, now that writing them had served me so well?  However, the idea of writing a short book and putting each chapter up on the web as it was written appealed to me.  Borrowing characters from Social Techs, but writing every word from scratch, I wrote Social Tech High in six weeks, posting each of its thirty five novels online as soon as they were written, a day or two apart.

Social Tech High is a pretty good little book.  It has interesting characters, a better explanation of the underlying social technology, and none of the absurdities which plagued the earlier books.  A not quite finished sequel called Connected College exists, as does a couple of chapters of Social Tech University, intended as another sequel.

I began to combine these three educationally oriented books into one, but didn’t get very far with it.  I still needed something will a lot of good explanations of the underlying technology, and I wanted to add some ideas which came up while writing them.  Writing seems to always give me new ideas.

I now have on the web four five! e-books — in chronological order by date written, they are The Green Family Chronicles, Technological Fantasies and Harmony and Matching plus the huge SocietyChanged, which was made by combining GFC with the two others.  A more recent addition: Social Tech High.

At one time I chose to remove these huge books from the web. My intention in writing them was never to promote any kind of sexuality, just to explore certain ideas. But I noted that the books went beyond my intentions and could be viewed as mildly pornographic in places. Rather than defend the innocence of the books, it seemed wiser to just remove them. Since then they have been returned to the web as a response to reader curiosity.

The last version of The Green Family Chronicles is available in one huge PDF file, 15 megabytes, at

Technological Fantasies is available in four volumes as PDF files, all in one downloadable zip file, — which also includes Harmony and Matching, as an extra. One can download Harmony and Matching by itself as — which does not include the sequel, by the way.  The basic idea behind Technological Fantasies, the collection and propagation of idea about new technology, is explored at another website — click on the image to visit it:

Technological Fantasies

The ultimate book is Society Changed, which combines all three of the others into a single universe and timeline, putting them altogether with added material, including the sequel (The Matches and the World) to Harmony and Matching.

Society Changed Novl

Social Tech High was written in six weeks as a series of blog posts on a dedicated site.  Click on this snapshot to visit it.

Social Tech High Novel

This book will eventually be incorporated into Society Changed, since is shares several of the same characters.


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