GFC stands for the Green Family Chronicles, a huge novel, the first by an author who didn’t know what he was doing. GFC also stands for Ken Green’s business empire:

Ken, Beth and SarahThis image, created as a header for the former website of that name shows the fictional Ken Green on the left, one of his many woman friends on the right, and their daughter Beth in the middle.  Insofar as the book has a protagonist, she is Beth Green. None of these are photos of real people.

One serious problem with this novel is that a few central characters are too young for their sex lives.  The plot seemed better with girls barely legal.  I am Canadian, and in my country, that means 16, which is also the age in some American states.  Several require girls to be 17 or 18, and in those states the family patriarch, Ken Green, would be considered a perverted pedophile — the last thing I wanted him to be.

Another serious problem with the book is that it reads too much like a male fantasy.  We all know that the definition of a chickflick is a movie in which a central female character must choose between two or more men who want her.  There may be a male equivalent of that, but the basic guyflick is one in which the man is able to have more than one woman.  The Green Family Chronicles features a man who has not only more than one woman at a time, but a long sequence of them.  However, he loudly insists that he never enjoys it, but only does his duty for the sake of procreation.  His many children all pretend to believe that.

The real purpose of the of this polygamy is the large family, created by a man dedicated to using advanced technology to change the world.  He is determined to pass on this belief to his children.  In essence he wanted to breed a family of Social Tech Missionaries.  Most of the book is about Ken Green’s children, not about his bedtime activities in creating them.  The Green Family Chronicles has been incorporated into the larger novel called Society Changed

Only the latter will be revised, but both have been out there on the Internet and copies may still be found.  As I said before, I do not encourage people to read them, though I think they’re fun to read and provocative.  Though the software and underlying technology is futuristic the hardware is behind the times, as I did not anticipate the revolutionary mobile devices which are now so popular.  Well, I did, but placed them decades in the future!  Right now I am working out the details of new social tech hardware, based on handheld devices and speech recognition.  Eventually Society Changed will be revised to include them in the right timeframe.


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