Society Changed novel

This page is about a terrible book, a compilation of three others.  Even the title is terrible. Could be worse.  At one time I called it Social Techs? What I had were three halfway decent novels, The Green Family Chronicles, Technological Fantasies, and Harmony and Matching.  There problems with all of them.

Each of these books contained a single organization which changed the world beyond recognition.  I realized that this was most unlikely, and came up with the notion of a combined book in which the three organization start up independently and work both side-by-side and in competition.  Without any regard for making a publishable book, I tried combining the three books into one, reconciling their timelines.  Unfortunately I left in all of the absurdities of all three.

Though I have begun work on a new novel, I am taking the time to do one last revision of Social Techs, throwing out almost all of the absurdities and adding material to soften the more offensive parts.  I hope the result is readable.

The writing which led to Social Techs was important to me.  It arose to meet a challenge, a very real challenge, made by several people who all asked me to explain my theories in fiction.  I failed, but I learned a lot in the process.

I think that my current views on social technology are mature and sophisticated, worthy of consideration by anyone interested in the subject.  If so, it is only because of writing these books.  Unfortunately, the final compilation novel didn’t reflect or include much of what I had learned by writing its components.  The revised version to come out later this year will do so.

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